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PROM Night 2020: What to Expect?


By Isha Sharma Gauli

For the first time in the history of DWIT, The Artistas Club is organizing PROM NIGHT 2020. Prom is basically an event where people get to socialize, meet new people, dance, eat and enjoy. The event is going to take place at college premises on February 15th, Saturday. To know more about the Prom night, I had a talk with Aakancha Thapa, current president of The Artistas Club.

Why did The ARTISTAS club decide to conduct Prom 2020?

‘The Prom 2020’ will be an event that highlights the main motive of our club, “Art as a stress reliever”. As our club promotes various kinds of art forms, this event is being organized to provide a platform for young and aspiring event managers to showcase and improve their management skills along with a goal to provide a break from a monotonous day-to-day routine.

A lot of people are still confused about PROM Night. What can the attendees expect from the night can you please elaborate in detail ? Why should anyone not miss The Prom 2020 ?

Through this event what we want to do is break the stereotype. Prom season is upon us and many girls and guys are building up the courage to ask out their crush! Prom night isn't just about dancing! There will be great food, a photo booth, maybe even a dessert table, cash and gift vouchers giveaways. So don't worry about having two left feet. Enjoy the atmosphere and focus on having a great night. You can't deny that getting dressed up for a night out is so much fun. Sure, the preparation can be a hassle, like finding the perfect dress and deciding on the perfect hairstyle, but when you're all done and you finally take a look in the mirror, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Plus, one of the best parts of prom is showing off how good you look! And who doesn't love a party? No one cares if you can't dance or if you come without a date. You are there to have one of the best nights ever. Life is short and you don't want to regret not going to prom. So let loose and have fun! So I request everyone to join us, enjoy the time with your friends, and make the night a memory that will last forever cause when you look back, you just don’t want to see yourself as a student who only attended the college lectures.

Is the event only for DWIT students?

No, this event is not only for the students. The company employees and the alumni members are also heartly welcome to join the night. 

Is there any dress code for the PROM ? And is it necessary to have a date for the prom ?

There is no particular dress code but everyone is expected to be in formal /semi-formal attire. And no, there’s no necessity to have a date. Our main purpose is to bring new experiences, which means we will learn something new, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures. This is more like a socializing event, so everyone doesn’t need to come in pairs.

What are the  exciting events planned for the night ?

The event includes snacks, soft drinks, batch-wise candle light dinner, ball dance, DJ, performances by the Students, exciting games like 5 quick questions about your partner/friend and paper dance followed by Prom King and Queen announcement. At last the program is scheduled to conclude with a cake cutting ceremony  by the batch of 2019 as a gesture of love to our seniors.

At what time is the event starting and how long is the event going to be ? And are the tickets for the Prom still available?

The event is scheduled to begin from 2 PM onwards and will end at around  7 PM. Yes, the tickets are still available with the club members. So, if anyone wants to be a part of the romantic evening, you can contact The Artistas Club without hesitation.

Was it hard for the club to handle the responsibilities of the Prom all by themselves?

For the first time in college history, The Artistas club is organizing “The Prom 2020” so it is definitely going to need a strenuous effort. But since our club members are so conscientious, it’s not much of a pressure.

Are other DWIT clubs collaborating with the Artistas to make the event successful? 

Yes, the Music Club has collaborated with The Artistas to sooth the evening with melodic performances. The Media Club is helping with the photo coverage and The Documentary Club has taken the responsibility for the visual filming.

Lastly do you have any message for the attendees ?

This is the right time to know each other more and build good bonding among the circles. Hence, keeping that in mind, this event invites everyone from the high school, college, alumni and also the company employees. I believe, socializing and attending events will help us enrich our life. We are so stuck in the tedious routine, that every once in awhile we need to shake it up a bit. Doing something new and having some new adventures, acquaintances, I bet that’s what “The Prom 2020” is all about. So, I encourage everyone to not miss this jovial event.

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