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Revolutionizing Home Health Care- Doctors House Call Service Nepal


By Saurav Dhakal

The professional medical services in the comfort of your home that revolves around your schedule are surely something from the imagination. Yes, the dream has been realized here in Nepal through Doctor House Call Service Nepal. The reason behind the popularity of home health services is that the current population has realized that the medical help that they need is ringing at their doorstep. The dreaded hospital beds and the feeling of confinement are surely put in the past. Getting proper medical assistance in an environment that is familiar, directly correlates to your well-being and can make a huge impact on how quickly you recover.

Doctor House Call Service Nepal primarily aims to provide proper health care from certified medical professionals at your home. The medical personnel have proven their worth from the on-field experiences and they are surely suited to cater to your medical needs at a very cost-effective plan. Doctor House Call Services Nepal has a testimonial of more than 2000 happy clients having served in over 2500 homes across Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

The major services that Doctor House Call Service Nepal has been accommodating are services that range from 24/7 nursing care, lab tests, sample collection, physical therapy, and ultrasound scans to consultation and pharmacy services in the comfort of your home. Not only that, the organization has also been involved in emergency patient air transport as well. Also, a number of our clients have had help to plan their diet with the help of professionals. Through these services, Doctor House Call Service Nepal sets a goal to reduce the resources and time spent in the hospitals and have them all on your doorstep.

Doctor House Call Service Nepal has a specialized health care plan to cater for the medical needs of all age groups with a special emphasis on the elderly. Across many scenarios, the elders in our home find it difficult to constantly travel across the town for medical checkups. This can be due to various factors including but not limited to, suffering from a chronic disease, busy schedule of family members, and contagious illness. We contribute to being involved in those scenarios so that the elderly of your household are looked after by professionals.

For more information about the Doctor House Call Service Nepal, do visit the website. You can surf through the website with ease to find your requirements from the organization. It provides a series of contact information along with an appointment form through which you can easily join Doctor House Call Service Nepal as thousands of others have.

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