Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


Hope in the time of despair


By Amshu Upreti

Coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus all I've been hearing for a few months is a coronavirus. What has the world come across? It feels like we are screening in some kind of disaster movie. What if tomorrow we wake up and it’s all a dream? It would be amazing, wouldn’t it? But sadly Coronavirus is a nightmare that is still present no matter whether we are asleep or wide awake. Lockdowns, shortage of food and basic materials have made life difficult. But positivity is being seen slowly. I've seen a couple of Instagram posts where the people of Italy are standing in their balcony singing songs, playing music and having some blissful time in this time of total horror. Streaks of positive hope have also been seen which I’ve mentioned below:

-The temporary coronavirus hospitals in Wuhan have all shut down since the number of cases has decreased drastically.
-A coronavirus patient in India has been cured after the doctors provided a cure made by the combination of HIV drugs and are even suggesting it to be used globally.
-A 103-year-old Chinese woman who had been kept for treatment for six days in Wuhan has fully recovered. This shows that there’s a hope that we all can fight the coronavirus.
-Due to Lockdowns, unemployment has reached its peak, keeping this in mind many countries are suspending water, electricity and internet stuff for residents who are not able to afford the bills.
-Vaccines for the cure of coronavirus have been sent for the first stage implementation on humans. If this becomes a success then hopefully in about 3 months the cure will be provided to every individual.
-People have become very aware of sanitization and are slowly inclining towards the vegetarian lifestyle as well.

Yes, it is difficult to stay in self-quarantine but just imagine the day when the announcement will be made that we no more need to shield ourselves inside the house, the day where handshakes will be normalized again, the day happy faces will be seen all over. As the lyric from ‘Hey, you’ by Pink Floyd says “Together we stand, divided we fall”, it is our job to stay united, share awareness, not take advantage of the situation by black marketing, taking care of ourselves, maybe learn a new skill and not panic. Together the sun will shine upon us again.

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