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DeerHack: Fawning Over Innovation


By Bidhi Raghubanshi

DWIT Software Club, a prominent student-run club of Deerwalk Institute of Technology, is thrilled to announce to host a Hackathon "DeerHack 2023". This 36-hour-long event is going to take place from 5th May 2023 - 7th May 2023 at Deerwalk Complex with the primary objective of developing a culture of innovation and idea-sharing within the IT industry. This hackathon aims to provide a unique opportunity for the participants to collaborate, learn and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems and promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience, providing a platform to showcase their skills and engage with like-minded individuals in a competitive environment.

DWIT Software Club hopes that DeerHack will inspire and motivate the participants to explore new technologies, ideas, and their field of interest and push their limits to contribute to the growth and development of the IT industry in Nepal and beyond. DeerHack 2023 is a platform that provides an excellent opportunity to expand the network and interact with industry specialists while having access to highly skilled mentors which will help the participants to gain valuable insights and feedback on their projects.

On 10th March, Friday, The meeting between the organizers and the volunteers were held where the volunteers were assigned task based on their interests which includes areas mentioned below:

  • Outreach 
  • Design and Social Media
  • Technicalities
  • Logistics
  • Event Flow

Likewise, the participants can choose from four different tracks each with a unique focus. The tracks include:

  • Data Science/Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Interactive Innovation
  • Open Innovation

By offering these diverse tracks this hackathon aims to appeal to a wide range of participants and encourage them to explore new areas of interest and show their creative skills. Join DeerHack for an unforgettable experience of learning, collaboration, and innovation, and be part of shaping the future of technology. Registration can be done via their website.

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