Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


Facebook’s Redesigned Desktop Site with Dark Mode


By Aabiskar Pandey

With online users growing on a daily basis and more people accessing websites from different devices has created a challenge to provide a proper interface that is highly responsive, clean, and organized. This is a challenge for Facebook as well. We see frequent UI updates that add one small micro-feature at a time. But, it’s been pretty long since we have seen any major change in the interface of Facebook. The dark mode is also a major demand among the users which Facebook was certainly lacking. Addressing that, Facebook has announced its desktop design which is now available worldwide.

In March, Facebook started rolling out the new design to the majority of the users, but now it states that all users across the globe will get it. The interface has been redesigned completely with a streamlined interface and easy to use navigation. The most exciting feature is the dark mode that the users can toggle from the dropdown on the right-hand corner of the page. Dark mode has been quite popular nowadays and for a number of reasons including its benefits to reduce eye strain.

Talking about the new interface, it possesses a navigation bar at the top that lets you switch instantly between home, pages, watch, and groups. It certainly makes these sections easily accessible. The left sidebar manages all the shortcuts and navigation while the right side has a list of your active contacts. The chat boxes are a lot more organized with small chat heads floating on the bottom right corner of the page. So, there are no more piles to minimize chat boxes on the bottom of your screen.

There’s a new ‘+’ button added to the menu bar on top that lets you add a post, story, life events or even create a new page or group. The profile view is also a lot contrasting and better with a more centered alignment which looks up to the mark. However, it might take some time to get used to the new interface. 

How do you switch to this new interface? It’s simple, refresh the page in case the feature is not already loaded, just click on the arrow where you would go to log out of Facebook. You will see a “Switch to new Facebook” option just above the logout option. 

Click on it and there you go, congratulations on your new Facebook experience. 

To toggle Dark Mode, simply click on the same dropdown and you will see a Dark Mode toggle.

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