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By DWIT News

We indeed are suffering from a hard time due to the pandemic and the lockdown. People are not living a normal life like they used to. But most of us are working from home despite the situation.

The interns of the digital media team have been working since the first day of lockdown proving their dedication towards their work. We asked some of them to share their work experiences from home with us.
Simran Parajuli:

As the whole world goes through this pandemic, with millions affected and traumatized, all we can do is isolate ourselves. People are finding many ways to get productive and inburn some creativity within. In such a situation, being a responsible citizen and getting along with your official work has been a major task. I, as an intern at DMT, working from home, makes me fulfilled and responsible. It has been a whole new experience to work from home and try to maintain the same discipline at the office. I have come to know that it requires patience and commitment to be able to work efficiently from home as you will have major distractions. And yeah, you will have a less hectic day and who doesn't like working and snacking at the same time.

Pradeepti Aryal:

The whole idea of working from home made me feel really happy but for the first few days at home, there was no specific time to work so it felt like the whole day was spent working with less productivity. However, after a few days, I am comfortable all day long and can set my own hours. The best thing about working from home is that I have a healthier routine.

Jatin Neupane:

As soon as the lockdown was declared by the government of Nepal, I had set up my workspace at my home to work from home. Working from home has been a different experience for me as compared to the regular working days at DMT. I prefer to work with all the team members together exchanging ideas and helping each other in a fun environment. But at home sitting in the same room all day long was a bit boring to work and didn't give the actual feel of working. On the other hand, it is very flexible to work from home. I could work at any time of the day and could take breaks in between too. We have an online standup every morning discussing the work to be done and at the end of the day, the work was completed. Also, I am learning and trying new things which have helped me to bring more creativity in the work.
Aahishma Khanal:

Work From Home has been a wonderful experience for me. It is mostly more comfortable to work from home as I can work at any place suitable for me. I have learned to be truly independent and rely on self-discipline, focus, and concentration. Working from home has also made me more creative than usual as I can be more focused while working alone. I have also felt less stress working from home as I can decide when to work and when to take rest which has resulted in a better performance to the tasks. I have also faced the difficulty sometimes as I cannot have direct interaction with my colleagues regarding the work-related issues. Good times, working together with teammates is missed. Generally, it has been a good experience. 

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