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There are times when we just get enough of the same songs in our playlist. You always want new songs. The feeling you get when you get hooked on a new song is undeniably amazing. Each of the DWIT News team members has come up with songs for you. We are sure you’ll like them. Enjoy!

Amol Timsina

Brother- Alice In Chains (from Sap EP 1992)

Written by Jerry Cantrell for his brother who lived separately with their Dad after their parents had a divorce. A beautiful piece of music. 

Listen here:

Amshu Upreti

The Beatles- I want to hold your hand

Previously: I wanna hold your hand.

Now: I want you to wash your hand. Jokes aside, one of the best songs. Well it's Beatles after all!!!

Listen here:

Subekshya Karki

Sasha Sloan- Older

My parents aren't heroes

They are just like me

Listen here:

Isha Sharma Gauli

True Colors - Music Travel Love (Singha Park - Chiang Rai, Thailand) (Cyndi Lauper Cover)

This song is orginally sung by Phil Collins. But I like the cover version by Music Travel Love. I think this is a perfect song to brighten up your mood. This is my current favorite song in my playlist.

Listen here:

Bijina Regmi

Prateek Kuhad- cold/mess

One of the most perfect love songs!

Listen here:

Prateek Kuhad- 100 words

Another best of Prateek Kuhad!

Listen here:

Aryama Upadhyaya

Radiohead- Karma Police

East or West, Radiohead is the best!

Listen here:

Aabiskar Pandey

Coldplay - Adventure of a lifetime

When I hear the first beat of this song, I literally feel high. There's so much energy in this song, it's just amazing. An awesome masterpiece by Coldplay. If you haven't, do listen to it once. ?

Listen here:

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