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Covid Update: September 14, 2020


By Aryama Upadhyaya

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We are back with the weekly update of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal. So without further ado, let’s get into the update:

Note: These updates stand correct as of 14th September 2020. The further changes will be targeted in the next updates on Mondays. We will be doing these on a weekly basis.

General case updates of Nepal (till date):

Total number of RT-PCR tests done till date: 851,405
Total positive cases: 55,329
Total recovered cases: 39,576
Total active cases(in isolation): 15,393
Total deaths: 360

Positive updates:

Despite the increase in the number of cases every day, the number of cases of recovery seems to be going up too. With the recovery rate as high as 71.5% we can expect better days. Also, let us not be careless, always maintain our distances and wear a proper mask.

Other news:

  1. The Ministry of Health and Population(MoHP) has asked the public to light lamps on Asoj 1 in the evening at 8 PM as a tribute to all the health workers and  COVID-19 victims..
  2. The Ministry of Health and Population(MoHP), in a meeting held on Bhadra 28, has set the charge of PCR test as Rs. 2000 in all the labs.

See you in the update next Monday, have a safe week!  

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