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Yeklo Is Announced As A Blogging Partner of The Hult Prize at IOE 2021


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Noone had anticipated at the start of the year 2020 that lockdown would crunch the global economy so hard that our business, families, and individual life would kneel down so helplessly. We never thought the virtual collaboration would be a new normal for startups, corporations, network organizations and many more learners who want to acquire skills through virtual tech platforms. COVID-19 showed a wide range of opportunities to not learners but to market leaders to pivot their style of doing things and achieving very ambitious targets in a time of crisis. 

In the meantime, when the world was seeking a higher leap in the era of crisis then a group of the young and very energetic teams from the Institution of Engineering (IOE) made NxtGen a brand that many many upcoming generations would remember as exemplary team doers. It didn’t take much to be a talk of the town when they successfully executed the biggest, largest and most successful Quantum Hack, which was executed in collaboration with Quantum Hack Nepal and under membership of Devfolio. This also made history in South Asia because they brought Steve Wozniak for the first time in South Asia. Steve Wozniak is an American electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur. He is also the co-founder at Apple which is the number one brand in the world as of now.

You must be amazed to know this group of young leaders led a straight 36-hour event which brought 3000+ participants with 20+ International Partners, 15 International Sponsors sponsoring 50000$ prize worth. The event had representatives from world biggest companies like Microsoft, SDG’s, Facebook, Google and Amazon.  It incorporated various workshops, games and fin sessions along with some intense methodology to build technologies and applications that combat the modern problems in sectors like Education, Health and Urban population management, Disaster Management and Preparedness, Fintech, Entertainment and Open idea. 

Bipab Karki, CEO - InnovateX Pvt. Ltd (company hosting NxtGen) says, “ I see a huge potential of sustainability and technology in Nepal. Technology to achieve SDG goals is a booming task for the future. I see a society full of technological, entrepreneurial, and sustainable development for the future. “ The team of Biplab is passionately leading on various initiatives with campus organizations and students through NxtGen to promote student’s learning experience and develop industry-level skills while they are still in college. Since lockdown, they have done numerous projects, conferences, and skill-focused events to engage the youth generation with the use of trustable technology. 

NxtGen organization is a non-profit organization registered at Pulchowk Campus, is currently engaged in organizing the Hult Prize at IOE 2021. “The events like Hackathon gave confidence to the team and made us believe that we can successfully launch mega-events while we are still college students.” says, Anisha Adhikari who is Organizer at Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus and also Co-Founder and General Manager at InnovateX. The team of Anisha is once again making some noise in the town running a mind-blowing session on entrepreneurship and venture creation through The Hult Prize Foundation Campus Events. Hult Prize Foundation is a global platform to deliver social change through education and entrepreneurship focused on impact and youth empowerment across 6 continents. 

In adding to the flavor of youth empowerment and creating opportunities for students to gain exposure in content creation market, Yelko, which is corporate focused Nepali social media working to create monetization opportunity for media content creators join the excitement with the team of NxtGen to successfully conduct Hult Prize at IOE Pulchowk Campus as a blogging partner. “We are glad to become a partner with the NxtGen team to execute HultPrize IOE Pulchowk Campus. It feels inspirational to support young student leaders who have higher vision and team to make a historical narrative in Nepal. Through this partnership, Yelko aims to support the team closely in the long run for their desired dreams and aspirations.” says, Shiv Kandel Co-Founder of Yeklo, Yelko, Changenepal and CEO of LDT Nepal. Yeklo is one of the tech products of Yelko which is an IT company with a global website builder platform currently focused on the Nepal, India and Australia market led by Nepalese living in Nepal and Australia. 

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