Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


5 Months Until “The Worst Year Ever” Ends!


By Aryama Upadhyaya

Image Source: Mexperience

We’re about 5 months away from the end of 2020. ‘2020- twice twenty’ sounded like an interesting year. Most of us had resolutions made, events planned, travels planned, getting driver’s license planned, taking a dance class or joining the gym planned until the pandemic struck us hard and played a role of devil in all our lives. I’m sure we’re all struggling with our to-do lists we made before everything happened.

However, 2020 has indeed been an interesting year. How weird it is that all the people around the world were inside the house. We saw fear, wildfires, suicides, downfalls, deaths and we’re still facing them. And, we saw strange things like people fighting over toilet papers, we learned new greeting techniques, and the words ‘quarantine’ and ‘lockdown’ felt dear to us, we even felt outgoing and fun when we just went to do our groceries. I saw a meme about how 2020 has been the longest as well as the shortest year and I couldn’t agree more to it. It just feels like yesterday when all these started and we have already passed 7 months; yet we still seem to be hanging by a thread.

It feels unbelievable that August’s next week. The Covid-19 threat is however the same. The situation hasn’t gotten any better- we hear devastating news everyday. Now that people are aware of the virus, irony is that they’ve started becoming careless. The fear of covid in the beginning, when cases were very less, was way bigger than now. Now the cases are sky high but people have started getting back to their normal lives.

2020 has been labeled as “the worst year ever” in the 21st century. The “worst year ever” tag can be accountable when we look at the chaos the year has brought to us. We have no idea about the compensation of all the psychological trauma, unemployment, business failures, etc. Nevertheless, this “worst year ever” is coming to an end soon. The season of festivals is approaching. There might be restrictions but just the environment will sure give positive hope to people. People seem to adjust with the environment very fast. We can see how they’ve normalized the pandemic although it is very deadly. We shall pass this stage with caution and bravery, now that we’ve spent many months. I’m sure in the future we’ll be able tell our kids about how we lived through the pandemic and we won’t stop bragging about it.

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