Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Work From Home Experience


By Apar Baral

“Working From Home” has been DMT ( Digital Media Team )’s work culture for the past 20 days from the first day of lockdown, due to Coronavirus Outbreak. A lot of people today, including myself are enjoying the privilege of working from home. Working from home can be really advantageous if we have flexible working hours plus managing the work efficiently.  While we want everyone to stay safe, this situation is also an opportunity to experiment with remote work on a large scale.

There are pros as well as cons of working from home. Talking about pros, lack of commute can be one of them. However, there is no traffic problem and tension of reaching the office on time.We can work from home having short breaks from time to time and that is its flexibility. Working from home is more comfortable than working from the office. Online meetings are held every working day at 10:00 AM via Zoom which helps us to be in touch with our team members, discussing the work progress and assigned tasks which has been our legacy for long.

Talking about the cons, lack of team coordination is one of them. In the first few days, I was on fire! No distractions, no noise, completely at ease; I’ve never designed so well and so much! But then, as the days went by, I started missing all that I’d left behind. Having a bunch of guys next to you, all doing the same kind of tasks makes a lot of difference, believe me. And you can’t simulate that through Google Hangouts. It is really difficult to designate separate office space at home.

 I have been distracted a lot of time while working from home. With no one watching with you, it’s really difficult to stay focused. You need a lot of discipline to stay focused. Talking about the feedback that we get after submitting our tasks, it’s really difficult to understand the feedback while just texting in hangout and emails. Sometimes talking personally and asking the task is really being missed.  I have felt that I have degraded my social skills. “ If you run with the wolves you will learn how to howl. “ - this saying has been implemented on me. Talking to our team, talking to our colleagues makes us more social rather than just texting each other.

If you´re self-motivated and mirroring your schedule doesn’t bother you, then working from home is the right choice. This situation is an opportunity for us to learn new things. Change your perspective of observing the world, you see changes in yourself. Be positive, stay healthy and stay motivated.

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