Sun, 26 May, 2024


What I Have Been Feeling || Nikisha Shrestha


By Bijina Regmi

Today I want to share what I have been feeling lately. It is inside me for days. Call me curious or someone who is seeking an answer. Before, I feared to discuss this and share my thoughts with people. Thoughts like- What if I am uninformed? What if I sound lame? What if I haven't researched much? What if I don't know anything because I don't really have knowledge in this field? But was I doing justice to my thoughts by not taking it out? No. So finally I urged myself to share what I have been feeling. After this, I hope to get an opinion, an answer, or maybe correction if I am wrong at any point.

We all have heard a name, who is popular in TikTok and her interview memes; Nikisha Shrestha. I see her memes, videos, and people making fun of her everywhere. I have always felt bad about it but like I mentioned I was afraid to speak.
A few days before, I saw her interview where she was being questioned on her personal life. The questions were pretty irrelevant. I could clearly see how hurt she was. She was being questioned one after another yet she replied being honest. 

Umm...Is this inhumane behavior? I mean aren't we who should respect her for doing something out of the box? But wait, here's nothing superior or inferior, she is the way she is, the way she wants to live her life. I think we should learn from her to accept ourselves the way we are. If we can't support her then we shouldn't behave inhumanely by reacting, making her memes. 

When are we going to stop making fun of anyone until they suffer? We know we all have our problems, we all have our own situations but then why are we the ones who are laughing at their situations to make ourselves feel better?

When is this trend thing going away? I think if someone shares such memes that affect the dignity of a person then, you should tell the person who is sharing it that we being a social and good human shouldn't be laughing at someone's character. Have we ever tried to see our very own character before pointing out others? Though how good you are, or how great you are - If you are laughing on such things then can we really be happy being the way we are? Are we someone who has good character? Question yourself once, I think you will get your answers.

If you can’t do best for someone, at least don’t do any worse!

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