Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


Tree Plantation Program by Social Service Club


By Bhawana Yadav

DWIT Social Service Club had organized a plantation program named ‘GO GREEN on the World Environment Day, 5th June 2018. The main agenda of this program was to make the environment clean and green and to spread awareness on the importance of plantation. There were more than 20 participants from DWIT who joined the plantation program. They devoted their precious time to plant a tree which will help to reduce environmental issues in future. The participants arranged a spot for themselves on the specific area pointed by DWIT Social Service Club to plant the flowers provided by the club itself. After successfully planting the plants, the participants put their names near to the plant to signify their effort for this program. The participants will take full responsibility for their respective plants. They need to water it in a significant amount for its healthy growth. In this way, DWIT Social Service has contributed to eradicating many problems arising from depletion of plants.

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