Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


The typhoon of Riot: Valorant


By Amol Timsina

Riot Games–one of the OG game makers based in the States–took everybody by surprise last summer by pushing out a 5v5 first person shooter which was deemed the “CSGO killer”. With the following they bagged with their legendary game, League of Legends, they were almost sure to achieve that. Let’s say, it has been quite successful to deal some damage to the professional scene of the ever popular and evergreen game Counter Strike, with professional Counter Strike players fleeing the scene to grab on to the new adventures of Valorant.

Enough of Riot trying to slander Counter Strike, let’s get into what the game really is about. Exactly  like the so-called predecessor, it takes a total of 10 people to fill a competitive server. To differ from Counter Strike, Valorant had a different approach to player models. They introduced different characters with different abilities. Currently there are 15 “agents” as the developers like to call them. Each one has their own abilities and ultimate powers. The game itself has a very colorful and funky vibe to it and the graphics might remind one of “Fortnite”. With 6 maps and plenty of gamemodes to choose from the players are greeted by a plant/defuse system where a team of 5 plants the “spike” also normally known as a bomb. The other team basically has to deny them from doing so. Simple logic, right? If they do manage to plant the spike, the defending team has to defuse it.

The game has gained a massive following within just a year of publication and it is eyeing to lure in more people than ever. The developers have been constantly adding in new maps, skins and characters which seems to be an attractive point for most youngsters. Also, there are various competitions internationally taking place with massive prize pools. Currently, one of the biggest tournaments ever is taking place in Iceland in the form of a LAN event. Post Covid LANs are a really new thing to the world and we are excited for it and looking forward to it!

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