Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


The Talk In My Head


By Isha Sharma Gauli

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One thing is clear to me
I am all I ever need to be
I  agree I need to grow as a person
I need to focus on myself and create a better version
I know that will take me some time
But it is going to be worth my while

I’ve understood that people are temporary
And at the end all I’ve got is me myself and I
I’ve let go of things that i had once held dear
And my heart became lighter instead of being filled with fear
I made sure the thoughts are clear in my head
Because i know if it is otherwise they will leave me obscure instead

I am in this path of growing and healing
And I agree that at times this road doesn’t seem very appealing
All I want is to reach my highest potential
For that my peace of mind is very essential 
I feel the most important thing to me is my solitude
Because i can only function well when I keep myself seclude

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