Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


The Pomodoro technique


By Subekshya Karki

The Pomodoro technique is basically a time management technique that helps in improving focus and productivity. Invented by Frances Cirillo in the 1980s, the Pomodoro technique maximizes time and efficiency by blocking out a twenty-five minutes interval to free yourself from any distractions.

It is basically a commitment where you give fully 25 minutes to a certain task. First, you would choose a task. After that, you would cut off all the distractions that would come on the way. Then you would fully concentrate on that task for straight 25 minutes. After completing that you would either reward yourself with something or take a five minutes break and this chain continues until you finish your task. If the task is way too long, after your fourth cycle you would take a twenty minutes break.  This technique is very simple yet very effective. It helps in increasing one’s concentration towards something more and increases creativity.

I came across this technique through an article on increasing productivity, and I have been implementing this technique ever since then and the best part is that it works very effectively. This technique really helps in increasing productivity and creativity. There are many apps related to this technique too which you can use if you want to try this technique.

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