Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


The Gap


By Amol Timsina

Image Source: selfunification.com

Even the tiniest hole,
Within a glass pane
Has a pull so strong,
Such invites the fall
Of the mightiest of shuttles.
Or even when it 
Gets a grip as a slight 
Mishap on a balloon shell
Vacuums out everything from within  
Without the slightest of care.

That puny gap
May it be unmeant
Meant disasters 
For they
Who beared it
For them
It meant miles
For they
Lived by the things
Upon which it unfolded
Its wrath

And as it unfurls
It paves its way
Into some vacant space
Exactly like an unfolding zipper
Excited as it is moving forward,
And reaches the finish line 
Just to look back and find,
Its ends falling apart.

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