Thu, 29 Feb, 2024


The DWIT Website Makeover; Here’s What You Missed


By Amol Timsina

With everything that the world went through, and with festivals around the corner, most of us probably have not had the time to check out one of the faces of our very own institution. Being an IT institute, it is important for us to represent ourselves online. Of course, I am talking about our website. With some major revamps, the site is back and running with exciting new features! 

Personally speaking, a website does a lot of talking for an organization, at least in the coming days, it will. With everything going digital or online, which was to be expected in the future—thanks to the virus it comes earlier—a website will most definitely be a point of judgement. I had a similar experience before joining DWIT. For every little information, I used to find myself rushing to the website, be it forms, course subjects or even the faculty. And when I look at new coming students, interested in taking up courses in this institution, I see myself there. I see a lot of confusion and questions and I see a mind with no idea about the course or the institution or even the faculty whatsoever. But this major renovation of the existing site has made things way better, simple and helpful to say the least. There are three major changes in this refurbished website.

Online Application Process:

Firstly, let us talk about the online process for admissions. This is a new feature recently added to our table. With the virus doing its things on the outside, slowly but surely everything will have to continue in the “new normal” way. Keeping this and the pandemic in mind, DWIT has now started taking admission applications via the website itself. The “Admission” tab on the website will lead the enthusiasts to the webpage containing information about the courses provided and the requirements for the application process. The “Apply Now” button will further take one on to further process of documentation and so on. Mind you, the status of your application can also be checked using the login credentials provided to you! This is a nice touch and is surely helpful, for aspiring students will not have to visit the institute for a long process as such at times like these.

Faculty Information:

It is always a nice thing to be able to see and learn about the people who will be shaping your way and will be helping you sharpen your skills in the coming years. Yes, we can now learn about the different faculty members affiliated with the institute along with their area of expertise and their educational background as well. Rather than being clueless when you first join in about your teacher’s name or the subject they teach, you can now look up the list in the website and familiarize yourself first! Trust us, it is way easier to connect if you know their name first. 

Connect with Seniors:

This new feature is a unique one. We talked about familiarizing things with the faculty but there is something more welcoming and helpful than that, being able to connect with people who already study there! The relationship with the teachers, let us be honest here, is formal and it is not possible for each and everyone to be comfortable with that. But being able to connect with the students is a different story. You can ask and learn things about the institute to your seniors, in ways you could not with your teacher. That is not even the best part. The best part is, you can search up your home district, your school that you passed out SEE from and also the high-school from which you did your +2 courses and the result will show people who have those exact things in common with you. This way, it makes the connection even better and welcoming. 

The other feature which people seem to underestimate is the virtual tour of the infrastructure. We are sure there are students of the same institute who are still unaware of that feature, although it is not necessary for them now, as they know every corner of the buildings! This will surely be of help for the new students wanting to come and join us. The virtual tour basically gives you a 360 degree view of all the infrastructure that is available. Coming from the entrance and the parking lot upto the courtyard and classrooms, we’ve got it all covered! Make sure you give it a try, we know you will enjoy it. 

The site did not only have these major changes, the whole look and feel of the site has changed, it feels more smooth and things look more tactile than it used to. Personally, I am a huge fan of the user-friendly interface. Everything is laid out perfectly for you to choose, from the socials to the course to all the necessary contact details. Kudos to everyone behind the scenes who worked hard for this exciting result. 

Do give it a try here.

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