Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


The Brighter Side of This Deadly Pandemic


By Subekshya Karki

Corona Virus has been a nightmare across the globe, with over 24000 deaths and thousands of affected people. While we are aware of its negative effects, it has a rather unexpected side effect: a positive impact on the surrounding
The Corona Virus outbreak is a wake-up call from our earth to make us realize how much we have taken it for granted. Humans have polluted nature so much due to their adverse activities such as deforestation, industrialization, pollution that it needed a break thus, this outbreak is one of the actions of nature to make us understand its value.
Apart from this, people were too busy in their daily lives to make money, to make this place so materialistic and to eventually start judging and treating people based on how rich or poor they are. But with this outbreak people have realized that there is no difference between the rich and poor when it comes to safety because, in the end, our home no matter how small or big it is, keeps us safe. 
Spending quality time with family has to be one of the beneficial things of this pandemic. We have been so much busy in our daily lives that we never really got the time to spend with our families but now we can watch movies, cook meals and talk with our family members.
Moreover, daily workers who never got time for themselves are getting ample time to do the things that they were wanting to do for so long.
I don’t know about others but I can listen to the chirping of birds more often than before. I can feel that the birds are enjoying this noiseless and pollution-free environment after a long time.
After this outbreak is over, I hope people shall never take anything around them for granted and continue to value nature and the people around them.

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