Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


The Beginning


By Anonymous Writer

Two curious souls, deep conversation, in the dead of night
Just been a few hours but the feeling is like years of knowing one another
How the earth was slumbering and smiling having the dreams of peace and warmth
Just like that, she looked like the sleeping beauty with the smile of hers carrying dreams filled with hope and joy 
Something had changed over the night.
Her heart was heavy but with lots of hope and happiness.


Is something changing?
Am I feeling butterflies in my stomach?
Am I being loved for who I am?
Do I deserve this?
Will I get hurt?
Should I trust the beautiful vibe?
Can I fall for someone whom I have never met in my life?
What if I get betrayed?

“ Maybe sometimes it’s better to trust and just go with the flow! ”


You left me in the middle of nowhere
Just like the pendulum who doesn’t know  its direction
Floods of thoughts inside me attacked and  made me weaker each passing day
What was that made you leave me unanswered?
Am I that unlovable that everyone leaves me?
Are you doing well? Are you alone?
Again, I kept you before my uncertainties and my own anxieties
I wanted to listen to the same vibe that made me come to you but when I knocked on its door,
It had no answer.
I know I overthink but maybe because I over love?
I know maybe I am childish but maybe because you could handle me?
I know I am not perfect but our love could be?
I know I am different but maybe that’s why I chose you?
I know I am not a rose but maybe a sunflower who could give you the warmth?

So I guess it’s true like they say if I were a rose maybe you would want me!

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