Tue, 18 Jun, 2024




By Anonymous Writer

Never believed in 
Love at first sight
Not until I met you at least
But then you entered the room
And you shone so brightly 
I had my eyes down 
With a shy smile
I caught only a glance 
But it was more than enough
To melt my insides.
Then you talked
To every single one of us
Your voice 
Sounded like a windy breeze
On a summer haze
And I remember your smile
So soft yet edged
It was almost like
You smile brightened
Anybody's day
And then my heart nearly lost it
When you looked at me and smiled
I remember admiring 
your lashes first
And then your eyes
And how your smile 
Had a different high
Almost like a smirk
But not as arrogant
If anything 
It was endearingly sweet.
And then you bit your lip
Just like in the movies
You spoke so sweet 
Like you wanted to get to know me.
I wanted to too.
But it never happened
Because life is long
And love is fleeting
How the right person is always
In all the wrong times
After all that I knew
It was the last time we would meet
Maybe I thought
You have someone else
A girl who admires
All of your charms 
Much more than I ever would
Because of a guy like you
As everything you are
Girls barely fail 
To Miss the grasp.
So here I am 
Happy and sad
Both at once
Because I got the chance
To meet someone as cool as you are
But knowing we will
Never get to see each other
After all
Life is long
And love is just as fleeting.

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