Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


The Sun and The Moon


By Amshu Upreti

Image Source: earthsky.org

Once upon a time,
I used to hear about a rhyme
Hardship of the sun and moon
Spoken with a beautiful tune.

I’ve got dark spots all over me, the moon sighed.
People can’t look eye to eye with me, the sun cried.
Silly! You make me shine, Your warmness can melt the heart anytime.
the moon chimed.

Only I am viel, who makes even werewolves go wild,
Without your presence I’m just defiled.
Don’t make yourself small, the sun exclaimed.
If only you could see your beauty past the mere stain.

The promises of lovers behold within you,
Not only in poems but in the heart you grew.
The moon got astonished,
The sadness in his eyes vanished.

He could feel the love radiating from the sun,
Extended arms for embrace were left cold as the sun had to turn.
To be away from you for so long my heart burns,
Both counted days to meet again till the eclipse returns

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