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So it was you Iris?


By Iris Raj Pokharel

Suddenly, I woke up with a noise. The noise was  the thunderstorm that passed by my windowpane. My hands were shivering. I checked the time which showed 2:00 Am in the morning. I realised i fell asleep in the chair of my cabin. What was i doing in the office at 2 in the morning? My lethargic mind after sleep questioned. I then grabbed the car keys and rushed to the basement to get home. It was raining heavily in the heart of spain, Madrid. Late October is considered the wettest month in spain. I then started the engine of my car and then accelerated my way back home. The roads were scary accompanied by sharp lightning. 

I reached home. With my surprise the channel gate to the entrance was open and making a creaky sound. I was too anxious to turn on the light. With nervousness i reached out to the switch and then turned on the light. I was scared with what i saw next, traces of blood. As soon as i saw blood the first person came to my mind was Natalia, my wife. I screamed her name but she didn’t answer. My fear grew stronger and my heart pounded heavily with shortness of breath. I went straight to our bed room , she was not there. I saw a gun wrapped with blood and a letter that said “I am Sorry Love”. I was unaware of what to do next, i got blank .I rushed to the kitchen, bathroom everywhere screaming her name, but she was nowhere. I thought of reporting this to the police but because of heavy rain all the mobile networks were down and on top of that it was not possible to drive to station because of flood in the streets. I had no choice but to cry while searching my wife restlessly. I went to the compound of my house and shouted “Help” “Help” as loud as i could but with heavy rain my voice got suppressed.

I went back to the room lighting my cigarette and staring at the note  trying to figure out whose handwriting it was but couldn't find a single clue. I kept it in my diary to show that to the police which might ease the case to find my  lost wife. 

8:00 AM, my phone rang, “Good morning sir, you have a meeting today,Don’t be late” read the voice mail.It was my secretary Laisley. I woke up, and the first thing I did was called the police station to file a missing case of my wife. In no time the police came and started inspection led by a forensics team that was collecting information from blood traces and fingerprints. I told them about the gun and the letter I found at the bed. They took the gun and asked for the letter. I gave my diary. The Inspector looked at the diary and the letter and asked me “Is this your diary?” I said “yes, it is”. He took his gun out and yelled “Hands up”. I said “why?” the note handwriting and the diary handwriting matched. And then everything came rolling back to my mind.

10:00 PM, yesterday, I came home from my office the day the incident took place. 
Natalia: Hey honey! How was the day in office?
Iris: (exhaling deeply)It's tough to be CEO of a company that has 263  employees to look after.
Natalia:To look after 263 employees or one secretary?
Iris: What are you talking about?
Natalia: I saw yours and Laisley intimate conversation on the laptop? How long have you been cheating me? And when were you about to tell me that?
Iris:(Shocked) Its just a normal conversation honey. Don’t overreact and i am hungry.feed me something!
(Natalia went to the kitchen)
I was about to change the dress, i realized a distinct object pointing towards me, i said darling relax.It was Natalia with gun on my back. She yelled “Why did you do this to me?” I grabbed her hand and tried to take the gun. And in that battle i suddenly hear a gunshot. Natalia was bleeding her stomach out.

Where is the body? Asked the police after I completed the scene that took place. I then went to my car’s luggage boot and opened it. There she was!my lost wife turned completely dead-pale.  On my way to the jail with handcuff in hand I remembered everything. From carrying my wife’s dead body and putting it to the luggage boot and hurrying (panicking my car )to the office ,walking the stairs to my cabin with no idea of what’s next and waking suddenly at 2:00 AM at the office.

At the jail,my lawyer said “So it was you Iris?” I smiled and said “yes! It was me!”

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