Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Shadows Lurking In The Dark


By Amshu Upreti

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I see shadows lurking in the dark.
The shadow becomes more definite as it approaches me.
“You should fall asleep”, the shadow sings.
And in the familiar unfamiliarity I fall in deep sleep.

I play by myself since I have no friends,
Awaiting the dusk for the shadow to reappear.
It acts as the goalkeeper, keeping the ball in play.
“It’s getting late, go home”, it sings again.

Some Days when the going got rough,
The shadows prepared, a shadow puppet battle just to cheer me up.
Before the morning sun hits,
“It’s time to go”, I could faintly hear the shadow sing. 

I’ve been seeing shadows since I was 5.
If I was lucky, even in broad daylight I would get a glimpse.
People often ask, why do you rush to go home, where no one lives?
Confused little me says, Mama and Papa are always there to sing for me.

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