Fri, 24 May, 2024


Rotten Vegetables Result In A Price Hike


By Amshu Upreti

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The price of vegetables has hiked in the city, whereas they rot in the farms due to lack of transportation to transport it to the city.

Nepal is an agricultural country. Agriculture being the backbone of the country, the livelihood of many people revolves around it. As a measure to control the rapid increase of Covid-19, the government has been extending the length of the lockdown. But the lockdown has also invited a shortage of food. The hard work of the farmers has gone to vain as they are unable to transport their vegetables, milk, eggs and other products to the market in time; their products rot and go to waste. 

Despite the weather being favorable, farmers are not able to cultivate effectively due to lockdown. This has resulted in an increase in the price of vegetables and products in the city areas. Agriculture has an important role in our country but still, it has been progressively sidelined. Some activists have appealed to the government to allow farmers to tend their fields as there is no danger of the spread of coronavirus working in the fields or taking livestock to pasture. ( The federal, provincial, and local government needs to focus on promoting and improving agricultural activities using innovation and new knowledge. A proper plan to utilize produced vegetables, dairy products, eggs, and other products should be made and implemented as soon as possible. Rather than letting it go waste, bringing it to the market so that other consumers can consume it at the proper price would be a favorable situation for both the producers and the consumers. 

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