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Report: Live Interactive Session- Youth in Politics


By Aryama Upadhyaya

On 2nd May 2020, DWIT News conducted a Live Interactive Session on the topic ‘Youth in Politics’ to engage the audience during their lockdown period. It was an hour-long session and the guest for the session was Miss Ranju Darshana.
Ranju Darshana is the youngest candidate for the Mayoral post in Nepal. She was just 21 when she came forward for the election in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. She was from a very new political party (Bibeksheel Neali), yet was capable of securing the third position with 23,439 votes. She won hearts by her words and her courage as a youth and a woman.
The session started with a discussion on her career as a politician. Ranju, as a young politician, shared very inspiring and optimistic thoughts. To the question about the possible involvement of youth in her visions and dreams for building a better Nepal, she convinced the audience by sharing the brighter side of the story, i.e. success of youth in the business or academic sector, etc. Unlike others, she wasn’t complaining about the participation of youth in pubg and TikTok. As a youth herself, she expressed how she could understand the young people and their queries about politics.
The session was even more interesting when the audience started asking questions. The audiences were very interactive and asked plenty of questions on the topic. She talked about the positive side of politics and how politics is always misinterpreted as a ‘dirty game’. She was very hopeful towards the youth of Nepal about changing their conception about politics. From the session what was very clear is that Ranju as a young woman who has pretty good experiences of politics wants the younger generation to give their best in their sectors of interest since it is not necessary to join politics to build a better nation.
Ranju was pretty clear and confident with her answers and the audiences were satisfied with that too. The session was short, yet informative. It cleared many misconceptions and queries. She was able to convince the audience with her views and thoughts and it was very inspiring.
You can watch the recorded session here: Live Interactive Session-Youth in Politics

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