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Remote Working with 'TalentsAnywhere'


By Amol Timsina

There is no question mark placed in the amount of havoc created by this virus we all know and hate. Making minimum to almost none during the pandemic, people have suffered more than what the virus first intended. With the whole market arrangement shut close, the workforce is deprived of any chores whatsoever. There is no denying that all the gifted individuals who’ve been squandering precious time to the lockdown/quarantine drama would rather have something to do and earn legal tender.

Keeping everything in mind, the plan of a remote job platform named ‘TalentsAnywhere’ started with a couple of brilliant minds in Singapore—Yixin, and Kevin. “Why not create a platform where we can hit two birds with one stone?”, they thought. With just that raw motivation of helping people and no specific goals whatsoever, the two friends started a venture to help connect employers and employees globally. Students are people who have always had curiosity and keen want of traveling and trying out new things and the pandemic ruined things, says Yixin. With a small team of themselves, a few interns, and advisors, the startup has bagged up to 200 students within just 1 month of launch. Their main objective is to connect brilliant talents around the world to visionary employers anywhere and empower talents to gain remote job opportunities and earn an income from the safety of their homes. Yixin considers himself fortunate enough to have traveled to different places, and during this process, he realized the amount of squandering talent do have the opportunities to fully maximize their full potential.  

The methodology at ‘TalentsAnywhere’ works in two phases. The first one is partner companies and how they are thoroughly interviewed to make sure they are reliable companies that offer proper wages and avoid talent exploitation. The second phase is choosing the talents and here they are strict about the talent’s sincerity and commitment. The main goal here is to make the connection between these two parties as smooth as possible. ‘TalentsAnywhere’ helps link people up, they don’t source up companies or use unnecessary forms of forced hiring. This is why they’re better known as a guide rather than a broker. Students from countries like South Korea, Nepal, India, Pakistan, the Czech Republic, Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Indonesia are already involved with the venture and the employers are mainly based in places like the USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Also, most employers hardly had issues with students still pursuing their studies, as long as they are passionate about and fluent at what they do, they do not need to be graduates. Yixin and Co are also considering doing webinars to give students an idea of how to participate in the future of work that is distributed. Yixin also mentioned that they take in students of different fields (non-tech related) should there be a need from the employers because even IT or tech companies require non-technical people.

Being born in a small country has its positives too, it makes us dream globally from the very beginning. And in a country like ours, remote working is a great method for newcomers to prove themselves globally. As Yixin has previously stayed in Nepal and has a great love for us, we are glad to announce that Deerwalk Institute of Technology is a proud partner of TalentsAnywhere. We shower our best wishes to Yixin, Kevin, and the whole team. Also, we wish to see more talents from Nepal benefit from this platform and pave the way for great success.

All the necessary details about TalentsAnywhere:

Website: TalentsAnywhere
Yixin Li: LinkedIn


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