Wed, 19 Jun, 2024




By Aryama Upadhyaya

In cold mid-winter, 
The hot water always stops
The power is out 
During my important nights!

I always get my period 
During my exams
Everything I do,
Is never right!

Each one of them sounds so small, 
Since there are louder voices all around.
And why is it always 
The big picture that counts?

I’m not self-pitying, 
you see
If you really know me,
you’ll agree

It’s like an everyday routine,
More like a part of me
If it’s a feeling,
It is hard and blue

Hmm, I think I hear something…
Deep inside my soul
You’re a loser. 
Yes, it’s true!”

Now I see people
Smiling with glee
You know what’s silly? 
I ask my mother if it’s only me????

She says, “This is what you got from me”
Oh is it heredity?
Or Wait
Could it be me?

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