Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


Oceans and Glaciers.


By Maunta Rani Gautam

Yellow lights, huge comfy chairs, and cozy hotel rooms. Big movie screens,
never-ending stairs that I haven’t seen; With lakes, rivers and water bodies that
I often visit in my dreams. Sophisticated restaurants, long drives, and the sound
of the breeze. This is what I see on my Instagram Feed. Weekdays are black and
white while the Weekends make it even prettier with the sight of “Weekend
Gateway” and Ocean and tides. With food around the world, from 4 am
mornings to blog of their hair being curled. I greet these people from my
fingertips with swipes and double taps. I watch them get far away as I lay on
the bed with snoozed alarms and enjoy the freedom I get from paying my tax.
Because my Instagram stories don’t have fancy places and summer lights to
share. Neither I go on adventures that take away my fears.

Visit me on your screen if you want to know how much love there is in chaos.
Watch me laugh with people aged from 4 to 74. You will find me uploading the
clutter of making pickles, vegetables, and desserts. You’ll feel the racing hearts
forgetting to breathe to the intense conversations; The conversation that isn't
going to put impact anywhere. But the conversation that helps them wait for
delicious food the kitchen's aroma carries.
Visit my stories if you want to laugh at my silly childhood stories. Watch me
capture the beauty of bonds and mutuality. Listen to the intriguing opinions
and different views or even the most lovable habit a husband sees in his wife.
Live the disorder of a bunch of people giving meaning to life.
If only I could make you realize the beauty of chaos.
If only I could show how pure and innocent this kind of love is.
Sometimes Bitter, Sometimes Sweet.
If only I could find words to do justice for the love you all have been taking
granted for.
If only I could make you realize LOVE and FAMILY are like the water and waves
on the Ocean from the same Glacier.

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