Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Editor's Column

New Year, New You?


By Aryama Upadhyaya

2076 ended in a very disastrous way. Uncertainty of living, uncertainty of degrading economy and uncertainty of consequences that may arrive is overwhelming. We’ve learned many new things and realized how every moment is special. Have you realized how the economy is going down because we are buying only the things we actually need? The industries have stopped working, so are the productions and hence the unemployment is increasing. This New Year will throw us many more facts like this and we shall all be ready to face them.

Let’s look at the brighter side- After almost a month of lockdown; we can see positive changes in the environment. The pollution has amazingly reduced after less use of vehicles and less production of harmful gases.  The hills far away are visible and very clear. We can hear birds chirping all day long. The sunset looks prettier. The railings and terraces are less dusty. When we finally go outside, we’ll all see how beautiful our city is.

This could be a lesson for all of us. We can see how everything was so beautiful yet we didn’t realize. This New Year will in fact be ‘very new’ for all of us. We could all add this to the New Year’s resolution about preserving the environment.

This lockdown has taught us how life is very uncertain. We don’t know what happens tomorrow. However, we realized that every moment is precious. We’ve been regretting the times we took for granted like small talks with friends. We miss going out and hanging around. We are giving more attention towards our health.

This year will definitely bring more changes like this in us. Spending more time with friends and living in the moment instead of using social media even when together could be added to our New Year’s resolution.

New Year brings positivity, hope and joy in everyone’s houses. It’s however sad this time that we’re not being able to share this joy properly. This doesn’t stop us from living this beautiful beginning of the year. We can all celebrate the joy and happiness and share our love through prayers which is of greatest need now than anything else. Happy New Year!

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