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Showering With Hot Water Is Good But What About Cold Showers? My Experience With Cold Showers


By Shambhav Acharya

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Showers are one of the things that make us feel at ease. You might have noticed how relaxed and rejuvenated you feel after taking a shower. Most people prefer warm or hot showers. But how about cold showers? So, this article is about my experience about taking cold showers.

I have been taking cold showers every day, for 2 months now. I have been taking it two times a day in the morning and just before I go to bed. I sometimes avoid taking a morning shower but I never miss taking one at night.

Initially, when I started taking cold showers, I felt hesitant. Having to go into a cold shower when you feel all warm and cozy was not at all pleasant idea, but I did it because somewhere I read it helps in sleeping better. It took some time getting used to it. Even now, I have not gotten used to it completely but I can jump in the shower with less hesitation.

When I come out of after taking a shower, the first thing I feel is how warm the air feels. I feel the blood pumping throughout my body. You must have noticed this too that your body feels warmer after coming out of the shower. This is because of the difference in the surrounding temperature and the temperature on your skin. This you can experientially tell. But that’s not all, an article from said that cold showers increase circulation in the body due to the fact that the body has to work slightly harder to maintain its core temperature when immersed in water colder than the body’s temperature. So, the circulatory system becomes efficient. Some people say that their skin looks better as a result of the cold shower.     

Various studies have shown that cold showers help in releasing endorphin, sometimes referred as happiness hormones. This is experientially true for me. I am in a better mood overall after having taken a cold shower. 

There are probably more benefits to cold showering. For me, personally I just dived into cold showering because I read it helps to sleep better. So, at nights I never miss it. In the mornings, I might sometimes. I can tell it helps me sleep better. This is my personal experience. It just helps me relax and makes my whole body and mind at ease before sleeping. The stress, the anxiety is gone and you can ease into your sleep.

You can try taking a cold shower this time. Don’t just jump into it if you have not been taking it because you will feel the shortness of the breath or if you want to, you can jump into it. That’s your choice. You can ease into it adjusting the temperature of the water from hot to relatively cooler settings. If you are sick or ill, it may be a good idea to wait on taking a cold shower until you get well.

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