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My 4 Years at DWIT


By Iris Raj Pokharel

DWIT, My Story!

November 27, 2015

I got an email from Bijaya Shrestha Sir entitled “Welcome To SEM I - Batch 2019” and the class would begin from 30th of November. I was so fascinated, nervous, excited about the new journey I was about to be part of. I was so impressed by DWIT from my open-house session and being able to be part of this community was super exciting. 

November 30, 2015

I reached the college gate where I saw many new faces standing in line with me. The line was oriented by our senior who took us to our class. As the line moved on, the first day’s journey from gate to classroom number 203 felt amazing. I was enjoying every sight I could see.

November 22, 2019

9:50 AM. We were wished all the best for our boards by our cloud computing teacher, Shambhu Khanal. That meant we had concluded the class and it marked the completion of lectures at Deerwalk. The class had never been so loud as it was then when everyone yelled “Thank You Sir” so loud. We were happy because every one of us had passed our undergraduate hurdle. Deep down the happiness, we also had a thick layer of sadness of having to leave the college. Emotions were flowing all over my nerves that day. From carrying my bag to checking out the college gate, I was occupied by emotions and some droplets of heavy tears that flashed back to my four years at Deerwalk.

You guys might wonder why was the tear so heavy? So, let's roll on to the flashback!

I still remember the first calculus class of semester one lectured by Surendra Pathak Sir. We were told to introduce ourselves. I was glad to meet all the unknown people I was surrounded with who are now an integral part of my life. First few weeks were so interesting as we were the newest batch and it's always the newest batch that gets attention from everyone. Coming to college at 8:50 AM and leaving the college at 7:00 PM in the evening, yes, that was life for us which we thoroughly enjoyed. We never felt like leaving college early. What kept me to the college that late was the bond among the seniors I had, the unlimited chat with classmates about literally everything, the college environment that blossomed throughout the day and many more.
With all the enjoyment, we also started adapting ourselves to the pressure. Pressure in Deerwalk includes academic, assignment, ECA responsibilities, deadlines (the most). Now I realize, with all that pressure I faced, I am more of a matured person now. Apart from these, I enjoyed my club journey in DWIT as well which is a rollercoaster ride. I was brought up as an outspoken person, be it on stage or in social circle. With that ability of mine, I joined DeerExpress Club as my first club. Things were not so smooth for me, so I had to leave the club in the middle because of some misunderstanding. From leaving the DeerExpress Club in 2016 to being president of the club in 2018, I realized things that start bad always have a perfect ending.

In my days, I always enjoyed organizing events like deerfest, deer utsav. I must say events like these in Deerwalk are cherry in cake; you get a chance to interact with seniors and juniors and they will be a part of your journey. I just don't have memories with 47 of my friends, I have memories with everyone who thought being in touch with me was not a bad choice.

As I write long, I also want to say something about my batch, Class of 2019. Guys, we have come all this way. It is inevitable that we may not always have this kind of togetherness in the future. But remembering all the memories we had and at least smiling to that instant of flashback will be enough. We started this journey as individuals, we end this journey as being the most unified and entertaining batch of Deerwalk. I will remember being called “Canceeeerrrr”, I will remember being called “Guffadi/Jhapali”, I will remember the fights we had and each one of us, I will remember sleeping at class and being punched by Prakash Sir, I will remember all my seniors who treated me more like a family, I will remember each millisecond of my time at DWIT.
When I saw my seniors graduating in every deer utsav, I always thought of graduating as early as possible. Now I only have some months for my graduation, I want the time not to pass any sooner. I don't want my green card to be a red one. But, I also remember the fact that nothing lasts forever and show must always go on!

Lastly, thank you all for making it a wonderful journey. Each one you have a special place in my heart.

Iris R Pokharel
Batch of 2019

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