Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Meaning of love changed


By Anonymous Writer

No designation, No name, they said.
Oh, what a thoughtless thing,
For i had it known, three words resembled magic,
As Adrenaline rushed,
Heart stopped 
And cheeks blushed.

Nothing more magical than those promises,
Of you being by my side,
Till unending passage of time,
The touch,
The kisses,
Just blinded.
Just a babyish pondering it was,
Just blooming innocence.

After i met you,
Words didn’t resemble magic,
The notion did.
Truth was certain now.
Eyes unblinded.
Love felt.

Thoughts that circled round and around you,
When it started with you and never ended.
When your presence deprived everything,
But just felt.
The adrenaline rushed, heart stopped and cheeks blushed.
Not was it a word you spoke.
Nor was your touch.
Just your presence,so powerful.
Pain, so painful,
Loss, so vacant,
And smile, so precious.

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