Wed, 19 Jun, 2024


Lockdown Confessions


By DWIT News

Confession for?


Timile guff deko sarai yaad aauchha!

Nuraj Rimal

Hi guffadiii kto moh 123. 


You are so beautiful inside and out. I adore you a lot. I miss seeing your beautiful smile.

From: You will never know!!!!!!!

Ayush Pokharel

Sup mate?
Biresko hamilai anime payo vandaima??

From: You know who i am ?

Maun Atma

I miss your tantraums!

From: Maun Manche

Nandita Sharma

You always seemed very shy and reserved.You have such a pretty smile. I miss seeing you regularly.

From: You'll never be able to guess who I am :p

Sanjiwani Jha

CR - 45

From: lol xD

Supriya Dhakal

Hi cutieeeee!

From: Anonymous

Prashant Satyal

Timi sanga python padhne thulo rahar cha. Kaile pura hola?

From: Unknown person


I miss you

From: Guess ME!

Apar Baral

Best vlog ever! Stay safe, take care!

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