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Let's Rank with The Everest List


By Amol Timsina

If not all, most of us grew up watching WatchMojo’s top ten rankings on YouTube since their earlier days. Ranking contents are one of the most visited ones on the Internet. People look for such content to find the best out of many things. Research has also shown that people tend to get a different level of satisfaction when they agree with certain rankings or when they find their favorite choices to be on the top of the list. Everybody loves a detailed ranking of things, it helps them make decisions and/or change their opinion on something. Rankings also tend to provide an increased reputation for the top spot holders amongst the readers. 

People from Nepal have a hard time choosing anything online, there is always a dispute amongst people. To be brutally honest, we can’t find proper ranking organizations in Nepal which are to be trusted. Let us take an example of Forbes and The Times Higher Education Ranking, they are widely talked about and trusted by people all over the globe. To change this stereotype, our own institute has taken a step towards creating a space where the interns work on the website, gathering resources and ranking stuff in a legit manner, and is named ‘The Everest List’.

The Everest List  is an “initiation to compile the definitive rankings of diverse entities.” It was first initiated back in 2017 and after some time had hiked into a hiatus. After quite a while, the new and revamped form of The Everest List was recently instigated (on June 4th, 2021) by a team of 4 interns working earnestly for the past 3 months. We had a simple question to the interns on how it all works its way into place and here is what they had to say, “First, we decide the topic we need to do our research on. Then, we set criteria for that particular topic and find data based on the aforementioned criteria. Once we have all the necessary data in our hands, we score them individually. After that, we rank all our topics based on the scoreline and begin with the article drafts. After the drafting process of some articles, we finalize which article is to be posted and then release them on the website.” 

The team has successfully pushed out multiple articles within their first week of launch and is planning to rise with a bang. So far they have worked on ranking food delivery services, online learning portals, picnic spots around the valley, vegan restaurants, and multiplexes in the valley. We are sure to see the quality and quantity of the articles increase in the coming days. The Everest List team has all the support from DWIT and is worthy of the pride we have for the team. 

Check out the site here:
The Everest List

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