Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


Lemon Water for Detox


By Sagar Shrestha

Everybody in their life has drunk lemon water at least once and lots of people still drink it. When it comes to this simple yet delicious drink, people often tend to add a lot of sugar and salt. But, today let's discover the wonders this simple drink can put on our lifestyle. Lemon water, as simple as it seems, gives the best result when we drink early in the morning. Unlike the sugary or salty drink, we shall consume the drink plain and simple. 
But first, let us first learn why lemon water is important to drink and why we should detox our bodies.
In our daily life, a lot of toxin goes into our body through pollution, fried food, alcohol, through smoke, dust or through makeup. So we detoxifying our bodies is the first thing we want to do if we long for a healthy body. Hence, the first thing we can do is take 1 glass of water with half lemon on it. You are always free to either put slices of them or directly squeeze our citric fruit on your water. This will detox our body which will eventually flush out the toxins.

Benefits of Lemon and Water

Lemon and water contain Vitamin C and citrus. Yes, it contains citrus acid which is very important for our body. So first thing in the morning is that we need to take it without adding anything. Lemon contains vitamin C which is important for boosting the immune system and to detoxify our body as well. It’s very important to have Vitamin C in our diet. If we are missing it then lemon is the best food to get vitamin C. Also people who have sore throat problems, cough problems and have cold flu, then they can add honey as well. So, we need to take lemon water every day. first thing in the morning after brushing our teeth. Drinking it every 6 days for a week and you will notice your body will start detoxing, There you have a simple, fast and super-easy way to detox your body. Stay fit, stay healthy.

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