Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


Just one of those days.


By Anonymous Writer

It's just one of those days you know
When you're hurt by the tiniest of things
When you try and sleep but you can't with the million things on your mind
When you try to look around for optimism but end up getting bruised
When you think of doing something and are hurt just by the thought of what will people make of it
When you try to count the people you love, seek help, but you go even blank than you were before
When everything you do, hurts a little more
When the world is a bit too sore
When you want to see the world and explore but you find the entire shore 
On your feet weighing you like an anchor 
When you want to fly but people keep asking why
Just one of those days when you miss the old you, the little you, the naive you who never knew a thing
Just one of those days when you feel like screaming your lungs out for all the pain in the world feels as though its shooting past right through you
Just one of those days when you feel like making all the bad decisions
But right ones knowing you will regret at all too soon
Just one of those days when you want to wake up as a child and unlearn all the things that you've learned, wake up as though this has all been nothing but a bad dream and smile

It’s just one of those days when you can't smile.

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