Wed, 17 Apr, 2024


Interaction With Deborah Koehler


By Isha Sharma Gauli

Deborah Koehler is an international life coach. She has worked in 4 different continents over the course of 30 years. She is also an MIT ‘83 graduate. She was here in Deerwalk in 2014 to give a creative writing workshop to the first batch of DWIT News. And, she currently lives in Germany.

Soon after the lockdown started, Bidish Acharya, who is our mentor, introduced the DWIT NEWS  team to Deborah. And since then we have weekly meetings with her. Deborah has been teaching us about so many things. We talk about mental health, leadership, coaching, and many other skills. The main purpose of this meeting is team development. And she believes that the team is stronger when each individual is strong. Therefore, she encourages and counsels our team members on a range of personal issues too. She gives us advice and mentors us to find a purpose and meet our goals. She also inspires us to write amazing articles by giving us great examples. Deborah is very easy to talk to and she has amazing listening skills. 

Talking to Deborah has been a treat in this lockdown period. In times like this, when social interaction is very limited, we got the opportunity to talk and interact with our team members. This interaction has brought our team members very close and we have a different kind of  bond today. Our team is very grateful for Deborah and her selfless efforts to make our team stronger.

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