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Hult Prize at IOE and NxtGen - a non-profit organization of Pulchowk Campus, are thrilled with joy and excitement to announce “Entrepreneurship Talk Series Level 4-Building for the People”: a talk series with a musical eve on the occasion of this festive season.

This event will be graced by many panelists from the entrepreneur world, Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Mr. Scott Noppe-Brandon, and many more. The main objective of this session is to learn and have fun. We also have many celebrities like Shaswot Khadka, Smita Dahal, Suraj Raj Khatri, Vesraj Timalsina, Aayush Shrestha, Priya Sigdel, and many more.

First, we will have a panel discussion of these leading entrepreneurs/businessmen, then we will have this discussion of those charming celebrities. Then, comes the eve, where the team has invited all of you to this.

We have Mr. Saurabh Jyoti is one of the speakers. He is the leading businessman of the Jyoti group. He is the director of the Jyoti Group, which is among the big companies of Nepal that have been running for generations. He is also a director of the Syakar Trading Company(authorized distributors of Honda automobiles). 

The speaker of this series Mr. Scott Noppe-Brandon will be joining us straight from Phoneix, Arizona. As every week, our speaker Scott Noppe-Brandon is known internationally as a speaker and author on the role of imagination, creativity, and innovation (ICI) in commerce, culture, and education. Scott is also a researcher of systems theory and how interaction and transaction co-exist across functions.


The event will be graced by several guests and speakers. One of the celebrity guests is Shashwot Khadka(Singer of Bataash song). He will be joining us live this Saturday to enhance the event with his musical composure and beautiful songs, adding the sprinkles of happiness, joy, and music to the taste of this festive talk series.?
He is also one of the most searched singers in 2020 for his song “Batash.” Batash song is one of the most viral songs in social media like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and so on.??


This event will also be graced by Ms. Smita Dahal. Smita will be sailing the spirits of our event with some beautiful songs and adding the sprinkles of happiness, joy, and music to the taste of this festive talk series. Smita is a singer of hit songs like "Mayale malai bolayo" and "Mayalu Timi Kata chhau" who started singing at an early age of 11.

Ms. Priya Sigdel will also be sharing her experiences with us. She is a  Nepali beauty pageant titleholder who won the title of Miss Nepal Earth 2018.

Mr. Suraj Raj Khatri and Mr. Vesraj Timalsina will be performing songs and Mr. Aayush Shrestha will be doing stand-up comedy at this event. 

Suraj Raj Khatri is a contestant of Nepali Idol and Vesraj is a singer. They have been showcasing their talents through youtube with some album and covers and they have the finest voices.

Aayush Shrestha has performed stand up comedy at The Storytellers. It became viral and people recognized him. The title of his performance was If Everyone In Kathmandu Were Newar! He is also a computer engineer and entrepreneur. 

A talk show of the highest standard featuring the biggest of big names, sharing the experience of the experienced and delivering the mastery from the masters, is set to happen this Saturday, where entrepreneurship from the roots of its co-ordinated origin will make a groundbreaking return to the virtual grounds of Hult at IOE, with a value-packed intensive panel discussion from massive global business entities and business owners.

This week Hult at IOE will collaborate with the industry-leading global entrepreneurs, speakers, and celebrities from multiple nations to make a once in a lifetime experience filled with high entrepreneurship values, critical analysis on business ideas, venture prospects, and some thrilling sessions with celebrities and the conclusive musical eve by our special guests.
Stay updated with our social media pages for their speakers and guests’ announcements.

Date: 24th October 2020
Time: 2 PM to 6 PM

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