Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


The Government | Covid-19 | Exams


By Isha Sharma Gauli

Image Source: google.com

The pandemic situation in our country Nepal is going out of hands. The hospital beds are not available and the covid patients have to wait for hours just to get an oxygen cylinder. The number of cases increasing daily is horrifying. In today’s date the number of COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu alone is more than the number of cases in China. On an average around 15 people are dying daily because of the virus. And in Nepal, the death rate per 10 lakh people is more than that in India. And till today’s date, after 7 months of the virus entering the country there is still no proper management done by the government.

In this very situation the ministry of education, Nepal is getting ready to conduct the examinations which was postponed when there was 1 positive case in the country. The examinations are to be held in the same traditional way as before which may include wearing masks, sanitizers and social distancing but the real question is:  Is this step of the government wise enough? Are there no alternatives to this? Is the government ready for the consequences that follow?

In the given Covid19 situation, the government should provide utmost care and not risk the lives of the students and search for other alternatives to examinations. The emotional toll of being in a pandemic is real for the students too. Don’t you think it is high time to take the virus seriously as there are people dying because of it? 

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