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Give for Good : Help us Feed the Needy


By Bijina Regmi

The pandemic has left us all in a state of despair. It has globally affected almost every sector, so be it education, economy, health, and whatnot. 

In the context of Nepal, a nation-wide lockdown was implemented on the 24th of March. Now, as we march towards the fourth month of lockdown, the situation is worsening even further. And sadly, it’s not even the pandemic that has made things worse.  

Gradually, the fear of hunger has become a bigger threat than the fear of pandemic itself. People,
especially in villages and even some living within the city are more worried about starving to death than Covid-19. Yes, it is a difficult time for every one of us but if we really compare ourselves with them, we are way fortunate, wouldn’t you agree?

Seeing the problem being faced by the people around us, many of us feel guilty. We’re blaming ourselves that we couldn’t be of any help. Many of us wish to help them but maybe most of us are quite unaware of the possible ways to do so. Therefore, with a motive to bring a change to at least some people around us and to provide a platform to help them:
Give for Good has initiated a donation campaign to help donate food and supplies to people that are in need during this pandemic. It is not a distinguished organization, but a small team that simply wants to help those people who are in need, and are struggling to buy food on a daily basis. Give for Good basically collects donations through online payment apps which are further utilized in buying food supplies and donating them to needy people.

The team comprises 8 members who have been working and studying in the IT sector in Deerwalk. Having the same motive and desire to help the people in need, they are indeed a great team!


Following the motive, the team has successfully completed its first donation program in collaboration with Akshar Arambha Nepal, last Saturday (i.e.13th June 2020).

(Akshar Arambha Nepal (AA-Nepal) is a legally registered, nongovernmental organization (NGO) under the institution enrollment act of Nepal. They work with the mainstream schools, conduct vocational education programs, and disability rights campaigns in Nepal. )

In the program, the team distributed 30 packages to the people in need. The packages included ration sufficient for at least a month, and a mask for each individual. The team maintained social distancing and proper safety measures during the distribution.


The campaign would not have been possible without the people, who contributed directly or indirectly. Give for Good team is really thankful and grateful to everyone who trusted them and donated them in any way they could.

The team has planned to conduct more campaigns like this in the near future and without the help of you people, it is not possible. Help them reach more people in need!

If you wish to donate them, you can do so by sending them money through e-Sewa or Khalti.

e-Sewa / Khalti Number: 9843500114 (Saurav Bhandari)

You can also visit their website for more information and updates.

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