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5 Games You Could Enjoy Playing Virtually


By Aryama Upadhyaya

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There are many options for us to connect with our friends and family virtually or in person. Now, you might be wondering about what to do that would entertain all. Gatherings are always fun with some games to play. Or, are you tired of your go-to games? Well, good news! I’ve got a few more recommendations for you to choose from.

1. Mafia/ Killer Game

Are you familiar with the game ‘Among Us’? Killer game or Mafia is real life “Among us”. It can easily be played virtually as well. For the basic level, the game will have killers, civilians, a detective, a doctor and a host who also assigns the roles to the players. Basically, the game involves daytime and night time events. The roles of the players are as follows;

  • Killers/ Mafia possess power to kill anyone.
  • Doctors can save the dead person and can poison anyone.
  • Detective can check the identity (whether good or bad).
  • Civilians do not possess any power.

You close your eyes during the night time and that’s when the killers get to hunt any one person after which the doctor can either choose to save the victim or poison someone else. The detective is then called and they could ask to reveal someone’s identity to the host. The host then declares the day, announces who died and discussion for figuring out the killer begins. When the voting begins, the player with the most votes gets eliminated. If more no. of good people remain at last, they win else the bad people win. I’ve played it several times and I never had a dull time while playing.

Here’s a link of a Mafia game you can watch to learn:
2. Pictionary/

I’m sure, Pictionary is well known to all of us. You draw and the other players guess the drawing to win. It’s very exciting and if you’re good at art maybe a fun platform to show off! Why not play it online as well? is a virtual pictionary game. You can create a private room and share the code to the people you want to play with. You get points based on your drawings and how easily people could guess it.

Here’s the link of the website:
3. Charades

Charades is a guessing game where you act and the player in front of you guesses. You may call it a free version of ‘Heads Up’. You can’t speak a word but just the body actions. Charades could be played with friends virtually through video calls. Show off your acting skills and enjoy! The app includes a variety of acting categories to choose from. Just place your phone on your forehead while the other player acts and guess the word or a phrase in the given time limit. Simply tilt down if it’s correct and heads up if you want to pass. Charades is available both in the Play Store and the App Store.
4. Uno

Uno card games are a great time pass while in a group. There are a few rules to make it entertaining. There's an app for virtual Unos, you won’t get to scream ‘Uno’ though. Or make your own rules and keep stacking others with cards. Playing virtual Uno while video calling gives more excitement. See the glow on people’s faces when they’re about to win and watch them cry when you hand them a ‘+4’ card. Uno is available in the Play Store and the App Store for free.
5. Bingo

“It’s Bingo!!”

Bingo is easy to play with any group of people. Create your own numbered cards or simply print it out from the internet. You could encounter many variations across the internet; 90 balls bingo, 30 balls bingo, speed bingo etc. Whatever it is, you could easily learn and follow in minutes. It’s an exciting and unpredictable game that will get your heart racing every time a new ball is about to be drawn. If you don’t want to raise stakes you can simply play it virtually in different apps available across your devices. provides you free bingo cards. Just send the link and play in your calls.

Here’s the link to the free bingo card’s website:

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