Fri, 24 May, 2024


Fragile Existence


By Shambhav Acharya

Image Source: freepik

We live and breathe like we are here forever. Oh, the fragility of our existence. For when death knocks at our door and it surely will, we will be reminded that we are just creatures of time, living here for a short while and where will we go, we don’t know. Why is it that we have such jealousy, hatred, anger in us? Why do we hate each other, or compare others with us? We don’t have to go through it. For when all is said and done, what have we gained, what have we lost?

We came here with nothing; we will leave with nothing. All that will matter will be our profoundness of life, the intensity of how we lived. So, don’t go having pain or misery in your heart. Who knows, this might be the last you’ll be here. Everyone will perish someday. But when? It’s uncertain. It might be 50 years from now or the next moment. Our death is always dangling. Anything can happen. 

So, why do we forget the basic truth of our life and go on doing stupid stuffs or making oneself suffer. See that you are here for some time, not forever and nothing will be wasted. Let’s strive for a life full of intensity and involvement. Let’s see TODAY and make best use of it as being alive is the best thing to happen to us. We will not be here someday..

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