Sun, 16 Jun, 2024


First Bench Vs. Last Bench


By Moon Shrestha


One of the most common myths about first and last benchers is that the first benchers are intelligent and take studies seriously whereas the last benchers are not so bright in studies and are the mischief –mongers. Well, is it really true? I guess not!

The famous quote said by Bill Gates, "If you want to pass in exams, ask first bench students. If you want to get success in your life, ask last bench students." always comes to my mind when thinking about first and last benchers. Do last bench students always get success? And is it true that success does not come for first bench students?

Last benchers like to think outside the box. They may often do things just opposite to what the teachers advise them to do. They are the fun loving kind mostly. But not all last benchers are successful in life, and not all first benchers pass in exams. Exams depend on luck and hard work equally. It does help if you are attentive in class, but I've seen guys who mess around in class yet get good scores. And some of them are last benchers too.

The first and last benchers have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Being the first bencher automatically centres your attention to the lecturer and makes you more attentive which will definitely help you to some extent in your studies. But well, I guess you’re missing out all the fun. For all those who have, once in their student life, enjoyed the privileges of being a last bencher - it is nothing less than a paradise.

There are countless benefits of being a last bencher. Most of the time you are out of your teacher’s eye and you can always have your own space. You can open your tiffin before lunch and munch it on without getting caught. On the other hand, I think last benchers always find it difficult to view what’s written on the whiteboard; I am one of the current victims.

So I think being a first or a last bencher doesn’t decide a student’s capabilities and effort he or she puts into his or her studies, rather it depends on one’s hardwork and dedication he or she puts into his or her studies.

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