Sun, 26 May, 2024


Feeling Difficult During These Stressful Times? Here Are Some Ways.


By Shambhav Acharya

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Extended periods of lockdown have made it difficult to go out. I’m joking! Don’t go out unless necessary. Anyways, there is no denying the stress and anxiety level due to the ongoing situation of the country. Not just the covid pandemic but even the political status of the country seems bizarre. During these times, it is not uncommon to fret, panic, or be distressed. However, we know that there is no benefit to us in fretting. Everyone would like to be stress-FREE. Let us examine some ways it can be done.

One of the best practices we can do for ourselves, not just in this lockdown, is getting into a habit of meditating or practicing mindfulness or just shutting ourselves from the outside world and having some “ME” time. Personally, if I am anxious, I try meditating for some time. I usually put “Isha Kriya” on youtube and do my meditations. It gives me some time to think about what I am being tensed about and just re-adjust my perspective on what is bothering me. For those of you wondering where you can start meditating, Isha Kriya could be a simple yet effective tool. 
 Practicing mindfulness like positive affirmations or even a simple thing such as focusing on our breath, or conscious intent on what we are doing really helps us pull through difficult times.

Talking to our friends, or family members, engaging in our hobbies, or just playing with our pets--all of these are some ways to cope with hard times. You can try some of these out and see for yourself. These were some ways to cope with difficult times. Hope this article helped. 

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