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INTERVIEW: Experience of Working as Digital Media Team Interns


By Subekshya Karki

From Left: Sagar Shrestha, Moon Shrestha, Aabiskar Pandey (Picture Courtesy: Jatin Neupane)

Digital Media Team falls under the Research and Development Unit of DWIT. It focuses on providing digital media solutions to enhance the learning process on an everyday basis. The work done by this team has a high impact on Nepali society. It is a team behind online video lectures, all DWIT web applications, and various creative productions.

We asked 3 of the oldest interns working at DMT to share their experience regarding their journey and challenges. Here is what they had to share:

Aabiskar Pandey, Developer

Please tell us about your experience/journey. 

After a few months of joining DWIT, I worked as an intern for the library. During this internship period, I utilized my spare time learning video editing. Luckily, DMT was seeking a video editor at the same time and I got selected. I feel happy to work here.

How difficult is it for you to manage time?

It is not as difficult as it seems. I was skeptical at the beginning regarding time management and making a balance between my studies and internship. Eventually, as I started working, I learned to manage my time for both studies and internship tasks. 

What are the challenges that you may have come across?

I think the major challenge is to meet the deadline. Sometimes, I get loaded with work that needs to be completed within a few days. At the same time, I have assignments to complete. Moreover, I have a club to look after, due to which sometimes it becomes difficult to meet deadlines.

How much has it helped you develop and grow personally?

I can go on and on about the things DMT has helped me with. I have learned many things like writing an appropriate email or leading the team. Besides these, most importantly, I have learnt about being a professional in any work that I do. I have learned the core aspects of working with a team and leading them. In the future, if I may start my own company, I feel that I am confident enough to handle and lead my team effectively.

How is the experience working at the DMT?

I had thought the working environment at DMT would be very strict and it would be very tough to adjust. But it was not as difficult as I thought; not that we don’t have to work hard, we do, but at the same time, we enjoy every moment. It feels good to work in such a friendly environment where everybody is close to each other and help each other to carry out tasks efficiently.

Any messages you would like to give to the students.

Many people assume that, a good skill is required for an internship. But it isn’t like that, the only thing any office would be looking for are enthusiastic people who are eager to learn new things and can give 100 percent to their work. The message that I would like to give to my friends and juniors is not to hesitate to apply for internship simply because you don’t have a good skill. Believe me, if you are passionate about learning new things, you will eventually acquire good skills through your internship.


Sagar Shrestha, Creative Design Lead

Tell us about your journey/experience 

It all started by applying for the internship and getting selected to work for DMT. In the beginning, I used to look after designing only but after working here for almost three years, I have gained lots of skills. I handle all the media related works and I am grateful to be the lead of creative design team. Before getting here, I didn’t know which field to choose for my career but now I am glad that my interest is firm.

How difficult is it for you to manage time?

It used to be difficult at the starting semesters since we used to have a hectic routine. But now it’s not much tiring because we don’t have many classes as compared to previous semesters and also that I have been accustomed to our class routines.

What are the challenges that you may have come across?

I think meeting the deadline is a challenge in itself. The other one would be the technical problems such as printing error, that could arise when we have to print posters or banners for the upcoming college event. Times as such are quite stressful.

How has it helped you grow and develop personally?

Talking about personal development, DMT has helped me shape into the person I am today. There were times when I used to be shy and nervous working with the camera or even talking with people. But now I have overcome all those fears. Also, I have learned the team leading skills and to work under pressure.

Any messages you would like to give to the juniors?

Internship at DWIT is a big opportunity to learn new things. You gain knowledge and a lot of experience. Thus, no matter how small or big the work is, you should try to grab every opportunity as it would help to broaden your knowledge.


Moon Shrestha, Creative Designer

Please tell us about your experience/journey.

I started my internship at DMT from the fourth semester. I joined here with a few basic skills and learned from scratch. In the initial days, it wasn’t easy as I was unfamiliar with various softwares. But with time, I got acquainted with the required software tools and now I love doing my work. I didn’t have many skills but DMT provided me with a platform to learn many things by making the best use of my creativity. So far, my journey has gone smoothly. Thanks to my team members who have helped me throughout.

How difficult is it to manage time?

In my case, it used to be quite difficult at the beginning because my home is quite far from college and the hectic college routine used to get exhausting at times. But now as time has passed by, I have become accustomed to the daily routine.

What are the challenges that may have come across?

For me, it has to be during exam days. As we have a restricted number of leaves, it becomes quite difficult to manage time for studies. Moreover, at times there are deadlines to be met which could be quite stressful.

How has DMT helped you grow and develop personally?

I used to be a quiet and shy girl. But working at DMT requires a lot of interaction with many people. You have to go from one place to another to shoot, due to which it has helped me build my confidence. Now I am confident enough to know my capability.

Any messages for the junior?

I would like all my juniors to believe in themselves. Don’t think doing an internship will hamper your studies or you won’t be able to manage your time. Time management solely depends on you and if you are passionate about your work or career, you will surely find a way.

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