Tue, 25 Jun, 2024


Effects of Lockdown


By Amshu Upreti

The government of Nepal announced a full lockdown on March 24 for a week but due to an increase in the number of reported cases of coronavirus, the lockdown has been further increased and is expected to lengthen more. 

Due to the borders being closed many Nepali have been stuck in between nowhere. They are desperately wanting to go home but are forced to stay out of the country. I believe that the people should be allowed to their country but should be kept in strict quarantine as most of the cases have been reported to be from people who had returned from abroad. Since the transportation facility has come to a halt, many people are walking from one district to another district to reach their home. A father holding his son on his shoulders and walking all the way to his home went viral in the news and internet which made it more clear about the difficult situation the lockdown has created. Many citizens of Nepal rely on day to day earning to fulfill their daily needs. Lockdown has made it difficult for them to even satisfy simple basic requirements. The local government and organizations have been planning and giving essential goods/ration to needy people but is it enough? Domestic violence has also surged since the implementation of lockdown. Women are isolated and are confined to bear the abuser. Even non-profits are finding it difficult to receive the call for help as the world is engulfed in the pandemic. Street dogs, cats, and birds are left starving since all the meat shops, restaurants, roadside eateries (where they had easy accessibility to food) are closed. The strays and birds are starving. No doubt lockdown is a must for better control of this global pandemic but the negative effects of it can’t be ignored as well.  

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