Thu, 22 Feb, 2024


DWIT News Successfully Conduct Video Editing Training


By Simran Parajuli


DWIT News conducted a basic three-hour video editing training last week. A total of 23 participants took the training course. Sagar Shrestha '20 and Shrayash Shrestha '20, along with assistance from Shubham Joshi '21 and Shreejan Pandey '21 facilitated the three-day training. The participants learned about basic video editing tips, color correction, playing with transitions and much more empowering them to edit simple videos in Vegas Pro. As being a part of the training personally, I learned a lot of new tricks to play with the videos. I learned to mask the video, variations of opacity, insertion of text, etc.

“I used to wonder how two screens were made on the video, the training helped to get the trick into me and now I am able to perform many more effects in the video along with it”, said Prepesh Tuladhar, a participant. “I learned many new things that totally changed the originality of the videos, the effects were awesome. It was something I didn’t know before. The training was worth attending”, Jessica Shrestha added up. A three hours long training was ended with some more of creative minds. As a part of the training, the participants were told to shoot and edit a video of their own.

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