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Dwit Food Hunt: Just Eat


By Isha Sharma Gauli

JUST EAT is a fast-casual restaurant serving a variety of mouth-watering dishes. It is a very nice and cozy place and has a pleasant ambiance. This place is near the DWIT complex. It's just a minute walk from the campus, which is why many DWIT members are familiar with the place. This place is a go-to lunch place for students and employees at DWIT. I find this place suitable to hang out with friends after a long day at college. After all, ending a hectic day with good food and friends can never go wrong.

One fine rainy day my friends and I went to this place after college for the food hunt series. We asked the manager to give us suggestions about the food items that are exceptionally tasty and unique from any other food joints in town. After quite some time he brought us a bowl of Chicken Thukpa, a delicious looking Classic Chicken Wings and a Lucani Shrimp Spaghetti.




I got very excited as he brought the thukpa to my table because who wouldn’t love a bowl of hot thukpa on a cold rainy day. The texture of the soup was just perfect. The dish had a perfect amount of spices and vegetables. The noodles and the chicken pieces were also perfectly cooked. Even though there was nothing unique or extra about the dish, it was quite pleasing to my hungry tummy. 




The chicken wings were served beautifully on a plate. The dish looked very appetizing. There were four pieces of juicy chicken wings and it was garnished with carrots and leak. The wings were very tasty and it had the perfect amount of smoky flavor. The wings were a little on the spicier side. I found the chicken wings very luscious. It satisfied my cravings perfectly. The chicken wings were as good as I expected it to be. 




The Lucani Spaghetti looked very appealing. I think it was the plating of the dish that made it look very inviting. The spaghetti had a very particular taste. It had a tangy-ish flavor. The shrimp and the fish were very crispy which gave the dish a completely different dimension. The spaghetti was garnished with coriander and dry chilies. The taste of the dish was as unique as its name. It is definitely a must-try dish. I really recommend everyone to give it a try.


All in all, Just Eat is a very genuine place with good food, humble service, and amazing ambiance.

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