Sun, 16 Jun, 2024




By Amshu Upreti

No matter whether it's winter or summer, MO: MO always has a special place in our hearts. Today in this series of DWIT food hunt I'll be taking you to The MO: MO House. Just 2 minutes away from the Deerwalk complex, resides MO: MO house where you are bound to be delighted with varieties of momos. It's a good spot to go with your friends. Among the varieties of dishes, we tried Sadeko chicken Momo, Steamed Chicken Momo, and Chicken C Momo. With a hungry stomach, I along with my friends gave our order and within 20 minutes all of our dishes arrived. As soon as my dish arrived the spicy aroma of the Sadeko Momo was mouth-watering. The presentation was beautiful and looked very appetizing.
Among the three varieties, sadeko Momo was my favorite, the spice and juiciness were on the point whereas I detested the C: Momo because the sauce tasted extremely bad. The price of steamed chicken momo was Rs 150, Sadeko Momo Rs 200 and C Momo Rs 200, with a 10 % discount for Deerwalk students. To put it in a nutshell, Momo House is a go-to place for satisfying your cravings and hunger.


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